The vision of the network is leading in conserving flora and fauna particularly Gorillas for sustainable generations.


To promote conservation and climate change mitigations through standard equal measures for sustainable development targeting social groups in the communities.




  • To conserve the endangered and endemic fauna particularly gorillas for future generations.
  • To promote climate change, conservation adaptation and mitigation technologies that address effects of climate change and conservation processes.
  • To enhance grass root community participation in natural resource management.
  • To promote research and documentation of indigenous knowledge for integration transfer of knowledge and skills in fields of conserving the environment.
  • To promote appropriate natural resource management practices through education.
  • To raise awareness among all stakeholders particularly local communities and duty bearers about the causes and effects of environmental degradation with special focus on education through outreaches in the community for sustainability.
  • To advocate for favorable environmental policies for the good of the nation and the world.
  • To conduct sensitization seminars, organize music dance and drama shows, produce information materials, posters, brochures, conduct radio talk shows and organize exchange visits.
  • To mobilize local communities to establish community based environmental management committees, raise awareness of the established communities about desertification and the green house effect.
  • To address cross cutting issues namely; poverty, food security, gender and noxious diseases in particular HIV/AIDS that is on surge threatening posterity with possible extermination for health livelihood.
  • Establish and maintain linkages through networking and organization building with district, national, regional and international bodies in order to realize any of the objectives stated.
  • To promote and support community level initiatives such as orphans with special attention to environmentally friendly micro projects and groups.
  • To do all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the enhancement and attainment of the above objectives either as principle; agent, contractor, trustee, or otherwise and by or through trustees, agents alone or in conjunction with others.